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Law Offices of Beth S. Herr 
Family Law

Family Law issues are extremely personal.  We recognize individuals seeking guidance for family issues often experience a range of emotions.

We are committed to understanding each of our client’s individual circumstances and doing whatever is necessary to ensure that their voice is heard.

We layout all options available to our clients and respect their choices on how they wish to proceed.

We find the best resolution for each of our clients and work towards that end.

Our goal is to understand your concerns and advocate for you
to obtain the best possible resolution.   

Child Support
Breakup of non-married couples
Paternity Cases​
Separation Agreements
Domestic Violence
Estate Planning
Divorce Coaching
Pre-nuptial agreements
Partnership Agreements

Beth S. Herr has been an attorney zealously advocating for her clients for 36 years. Cost-effective and efficient; successful outcomes for her clients come from knowing how to approach each client’s individual cases.  Her years of experience as an attorney combined with her Master’s in Counseling Psychology and her work with families prior to becoming an attorney makes her uniquely qualified to successfully represent her clients’ interests.  Let us help you circumnavigate these challenging times. 

“I needed a divorce lawyer for an extremely difficult situation.  A dysfunctional family unit created by untreated mental illness and addiction.  It took years and lots of Beth’s patience, emotional support and strategic legal advice to end it.  I will be forever grateful.”

--- Tom  

Servicing Massachusetts Counties:
Bristol and
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